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Site News: The Dream Shake is Hiring

The Dream Shake is looking for writers, and we want it to be you!


Have you ever wanted to write about basketball but just never had a platform for it? Fortunately enough, we have quite the opportunity for you! The Dream Shake is hiring, and we need some writers to help us crank out our daily content.

We're the most-read Houston Rockets blog on the internet, and we're in the midst of the two highest read months in site history. We just want to make sure this hot streak keeps going, and we're counting on you for more content.

Ideally, we are looking to fill two positions, but we'd happily take more writers if there are enough qualified people applying.

1) Recap Writer

The Rockets play between three and four games most weeks, and we recap every last one of them. We are looking for somebody who can recap two or more games per week, consistently writing good work.

The recaps must be timely, interesting, and clean of editorial errors. When you contact me, I'll give you more information on this position.

2) Feature Writer

We're also looking for someone able to write more Rockets analysis instead of simple news, something along the lines of this. At the very minimum, you'd need to write one analysis article a week, but you would ideally help out on the news side as well.

If you're interested in this, here's what we need from you:

  • Resume: If you don't have a ton of writing experience, don't worry. I just want to get an idea about who you are, etc.
  • Cover Letter: It doesn't have to be what you would typically write when applying for a job, just a paragraph or two explaining your writing experience and why you're interested in this position.
  • Writing Sample: Some form of basketball writing. It doesn't have to be something new for this position (though that's also fine), but just forward me something that is your original writing and you think represents your ability as a writer.
When you have these prepared, send them my way at To be clear, these spots are unpaid, but there is potential for paid opportunities to arise if you write consistently for the site. So please, if you have any interest in this spot, please apply. And if you don't, please forward this on to all your friends and/or twitter followers. Every new writer we add will make this site more fun to read everyday, so help us in our search by passing along the memo.