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NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets set to target Andrew Bynum in free agency

Andrew Bynum is going to be a free agent this summer, and one report indicates that the Rockets will pursue him. Is it true?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

According to Howard Eskin of Fox 29 News in Philadelphia, the Rockets are set to offer Andrew Bynum a multi-year contract this summer in free agency. Bynum, the 25 year old center with the Philadelphia 76ers, has missed the entire season after being traded from Los Angeles in the Dwight Howard deal.

Here's what Eskin had to say:

To anybody seriously following the Rockets over the past few years, this comes as little surprise. Dwight Howard and Chris Paul will be the Rockets #1 targets this summer, but they are likely to stay where they are and leave the Rockets with second tier free agents like Andre Iguodala and Josh Smith.

However, Andrew Bynum could really shake things up if the Rockets were able to get him under contract. Last year was arguably Bynum's strongest, as he averaged nearly 19 and 12 as a star center for the Lakers. With Dwight Howard struggling with a back injury down the stretch, many were quick to say that he could be the league's top center.

Obviously, Bynum's value has tanked a bit in recent months as he has been unable to come back from a knee injury to this point, but Bynum on this Rockets' roster would be nearly unfair if he could get healthy. Unfortunately, the "if he could get healthy" part is a major problem. After dealing with Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady, do the Rockets really want to hitch their wagon for four years to a big man who's never played more than 65 games in one regular season and has major knee issues?

Personally, I think Daryl Morey is more than happy to take that risk. Morey has preached to the fact that taking chances on injured players is one way to optimize your chances at winning a title because it gives you a chance to acquire a caliber of player ordinarily unavailable to you, and this seems like a perfect case of this. If Bynum had enjoyed a healthy year in Philadelphia, I have little doubt that the 76ers would be waiting on Bynum's door with a five year max offer in their hands, but now, Bynum will almost certainly hit free agency.

What do you all think? Would you give Bynum four years in free agency? Let us know in the comments!