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Rockets G+ Hangout: trades, the Warriors, rebounding and James "Super Star" Harden

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The Houston Rockets are a familiar topic when it comes to the trade deadline and it just wouldn't be February without hearing some good, old fashioned rumors. This morning we'd like to share our thoughts on the heavy hitting Rockets topics.

The Dream Shake staff has completed our fifth consecutive Google Hangout. Hooray! As we inch closer to the NBA All-Star game and, more importantly, the trade deadline one might predict a hot topic amongst rabid Rockets fans might be trades. One would be right. Here's a break down of what we had to say:

  • Trade (and free agent) targets: Danny Granger, Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard
  • The birth of a rivalry with the Golden State Warriors who had to foul to prevent the Rockets from setting an NBA record
  • Patrick Patterson and his rebound allergy
  • Is Marcus Morris the most average player in the league?
  • LeBron James on James Harden: "Super star"

Stay tuned for more and let us know what you think below.