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Rockets vs Warriors Game #67 Gamethread

Rockets go for the sweep of the Golden State Warriors with 6th place in the Western Conference on the line.


Tonight the Houston Rockets go for the season sweep on the Golden State Warriors with 6th place on the line. These are the highest stakes for which this young Rockets team has yet played, and we can hope that at the very least the team plays with focus and consistency.

After all the meetings thus far this season I'd say the two teams know each other well.

And now the word count. Feel free to ignore all of this. In fact, please do ignore all of this. Will Steph Curry go nuts in a loss? Will Motiejunas fulfill the dreams of many of our posters? Will the Rockets take over 6th place? If they do, will anyone notice? What about Jeremy Lin? Is tonight the night he makes Golden State truly regret letting him go? Is tonight the night Aaron Brooks gets some playing time? How many posts will there be? Will they be good ones?