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Royce White leaves RGV Vipers, returns to Houston

In a foggy set of circumstances, it appears as though Royce White has decided to leave the RGV Vipers to return to Houston.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

According to Royce White's twitter, the Rockets' rookie forward has been advised to leave the Rio Grande Valley Vipers and return to Houston. Let's see what Royce had to say.

It was nice of Royce to clarify that he would not be returning to the Houston Rockets, because any normal person would assume an NBA player leaving the D-League would be returning to play for their parent club. Royce? He'll be "working out" in Houston.

If you remember the last time White left the team and "worked out" in Houston, he returned to the D-League completely out of shape and some 10-15 pounds heavier. He later admitted in interviews that his workout time was few and far between.

What do you all think of this mess? Is he justified because a team physician advised him or do you think that's just a smokescreen White created? Is it time for the Rockets to start evaluating legal options to release him? What say you?