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Site News: New writers to join The Dream Shake staff

After a pretty grueling process to find some new writers for the staff, we're happy to introduce four new writers at The Dream Shake!

Bob Levey

A few weeks ago, we announced that we were looking for new writers. A couple of weeks later, I'm happy to introduce the four writers we're adding to our staff.

Matthew Stephens:

Having lived in the Houston area most of his life, Matt has been a die-hard Rockets and NBA fanatic since their first championship in 1994. He graduated from the University of Texas in 2009 with a journalism degree and enjoys writing about the Rockets almost as much as he enjoys watching them.

Max Croes:

Max Croes is a native Houstonian and devoted Rockets, Dynamo, Texans and United States Soccer Team supporter. Though he no longer resides in Houston he's brought his love of the Rockets to Alaska, Montana and currently Washington D.C. When not arguing with his father about Rockets draft picks or Othella Harrington's legacy, Max dunks full size basketballs on an 8 foot high basketball goal.

Jesus Acevedo, Jr.:

Jesus Acevedo could be better described as a sports junkie/film buff who is interested in the writing aspect of a story. Any story, from books to graphic novels and screenplays. Writing always came natural to him but had to learn the ins and outs of writing with a journalists eye. Since graduating from the University of Houston in 2011, Acevedo has been a freelance sports reporter writing feature stories for La Voz, the Houston Chronicle Spanish newspaper, often time focusing on stories that get overlooked. Acevedo is well versed in a multitude of sports but his first love has always been basketball.

Jordan Foley (3ptsTheHardenWay):

I am a Houston native, forcibly relocated to Little Rock, Arkansas, to the detriment of my professional sports fan-dom, for the better part of my life. Regardless, I have been an unconditional Rockets fan from the day I remember liking the game of basketball. Currently, I am an assistant coach for the University of Michigan's policy debate team and in the fall will be a graduate student at Wake Forest University. Looking forward to joining the staff and helping document this incredibly intriguing season of Rockets basketball!

We're really excited to be bringing these guys on, and you'll start to see them writing here in the near future. Help me welcome them to The Dream Shake!