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Game #64: Rockets vs. Suns

The Rockets will experience some déjà vu tonight in Phoenix where they will take on a whole squadron full of former Rockets for the first time this season. Three of tonight's Suns staters tonight have logged heavy minutes in Rockets red during the past two seasons. Also, twins.

Christian Petersen

2012/2013 NBA Season



March 9th, 2013
US Airways Center
8:00 PM CST
Starting Lineups
Jeremy Lin PG Goran Dragic
James Harden SG Wesley Johnson
Chandler Parsons SF Marcus Morris
Donatas Motiejunas PF Markieff Morris
Omer Asik C Luis Scola
2012/13 Advanced Stats
96.3 (1st of 30) Pace 92.7 (10th of 30)
110.4 (3rd of 30) ORtg 101.0 (27th of 30)
107.0 (23rd of 30) DRtg 107.0 (22nd of 30)

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Channing Frye: enlarged heart, out for the season

Marcin Gortat: sprained right foot, out indefinitely

Jermaine O'Neal: personal, out one week


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