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Parsons Game-Time Status Is A Mystery

Rockets say Parsons has food poisoning. Twitter says Parsons is sick after too many corndogs, tater tots & PBRs... Wait. What?


Editor's Note: Now that it is April 2nd, we can let you in on our dirty little secret. This post was an April Fool's Day joke.

Twitter users in Houston are calling into question reports from Rockets staff that Chandler Parsons has "food poisoning."

All day reports have called his status as a "game-time decision." Parsons missed Rockets shootaround today and his status for tonight's game is most definitely in question.

However, fans in Houston are reporting that perhaps Parsons has a case of "competitive eating," not food poisoning.

Tweets like this have started popping up across Houston asking if Chandler Parsons pulled off a "Triple Double" last night:

Confused? You should be. There was not Rockets game last night. Triple doubles are uncommon and they most certainly don't occur when there's no games.

After some quick Google-Fu it turns out college fratnerities have their own version of a "Triple Double."

Frats along with the good people at National Corndog Day call a "Triple Double" the act of consuming 100 tater tots, 10 corn dogs and 10 PBRs in an afternoon.


Does Foster Farms need a new spokesperson? Call Chandler via

The whole story is a stretch except Parsons was spotted at a James Coney Island last night:

Wow. When did kids stop playing flip cup and start gorging themselves on corndogs?

Chandler did go to Florida, a notorious party school, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. And I'd eat 1,000 tots if Chandler has never had a red solo cup in his hand.

What do you think? Think Parsons pulled down a "Triple Double" last night and it left him sidelined for today's game?

What member of the Rockets do you think could go toe to toe with Parsons and finish 100 tater tots, 10 corndogs and 10 PBRs?

Who in the league do you think could finish a Triple Double quickest?