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G+ Hangout: Let's Talk Playoffs

It's playoff time in the city of Houston. Join us to talk through the specifics.

It's been a couple of weeks, but have no fear; we're back. Join Patrick Harrel, Brandon Davis and myself as we discuss your Houston Rockets and their playoff aspirations. With just five games left in the season the Rockets have officially secured a spot in the NBA playoffs. Daryl Morey broke down the stats for us yesterday and to be perfectly frank the competition is daunting:

This morning we will discuss:

  • Jermaine O'Neal's flawless tanking performance
  • Who do the Rockets want in the first round?
  • Will James Harden repeat his subpar performance from last summer's finals?
  • Who will get cut from the rotation and who stays in the playoffs?
  • Who is the future for the Rockets at power forward?

Tune in and join the conversation. As always, we welcome your feedback.