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How The Dream Shake Pranked Houston

Chandler Parsons didn't consume 100 tater tots, 10 corndogs & 10 PBRs. Houston sure thought he did.


The Dream Shake had a busy April Fools' Day.

It was so busy that the following day required Chandler Parsons to explain on Twitter his distaste for corndogs.

Here's how:

It started with Chandler Parsons getting food poisoning before the Rockets vs. Magic game:

Followed by some staged Tweets about Parsons performing a "Triple Double" (consuming 100 tater tots, 10 corndogs & 10 PBRs):

Then a staged Tweet about Parsons being spotted at a James Coney Island:

And a Dream Shake article asking if Parsons had food poisoning or was actually sick from consuming the aforementioned 100 tater tots, 10 corndogs & 10 PBRs:

Followed by Internet confusion:

Newspaper confusion:

Houston sports radio confusion:

The prank came full circle when Chandler Parsons posted his distaste of corndogs on Twitter:

But Dream Shake readers had it right all along:


To close. Chandler, we love you buddy. You're having an amazing season and the team wouldn't be in position for the playoffs without you.

We're happy to lead an e-campaign against the Mexican restaurant in Dallas you contracted food poisoning at and we are glad you've recovered. We've all been in your shoes and wish you the best (for me, street food at the 2010 World Cup in Pretoria).