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Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder: Game 1 Preview

The Rockets and Thunder kick off their first round playoff series tonight in OKC.


I feel like The Dream Shake has covered the playoff series in a number of ways already.

BD34 wrote an incredible series preview earlier in the week that you need to read. As in, if you haven't read it yet stop what you're doing and go read it now.

Patrick did a Google+ Hangout with J.A. Sherman of Welcome to Loud City that is another great way to prep for the series with a little OKC perspective.

Several TDS writers have teamed up to write playoff scouting reports about the rotation players for the Rockets.

Series preview: check. Opponent's perspective: check. Player reports: check.

So what can I say that hasn't been covered? I can tell you that win or lose in this series (I have the Thunder in 4), I'm ecstatic that we're here, and that we have staying power. The three teams that went over .500 but missed the playoffs were mediocre teams. Even if we had snuck in one of those years, it's entirely possible that the next year we could have finished even lower than 9. I get the feeling that this Rockets team is ready to become a staple of the playoffs. Especially if Morey can land another star in the offseason.

As the series goes on I might write a little bit more. At the moment, I assume all of you are a little tired of reading about this series and want to just see some basketball. After all, it's been 1,435 days since game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals against the Lakers.

Tonight's game tips off at 8:30pm CST on TNT. I don't think the Rockets got a TNT game this year (I could be wrong about that), so it will be interesting to see who they assign for us. I'm hoping for Steve Kerr (my current favorite color commentator) and Kevin Harlan (because he's awesome).

Game 2 is Wednesday, so there will be plenty of time to digest game 1 and for everyone to go crazy if the Rockets win or go crazy if the Rockets lose.

For now, just sit back and enjoy some free basketball. Go Rockets!

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