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What Went Wrong: Dream Shake Post-Game Q&A

The Dream Shake writers answer four quick questions about last night's Thunder blowout.

Not much to smile about after a 29 point loss
Not much to smile about after a 29 point loss

The dust and tumbleweeds have settled following the thunderous defeat of the Houston Rockets by Oklahoma City in game one on Sunday night.

The Dream Shake writers have gathered round for some rapid fire Q&A of what went wrong last night.

Final - 4.21.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Houston Rockets 19 28 19 25 91
Oklahoma City Thunder 26 34 29 31 120

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1. The game lost control when...

Patrick: Kendrick Perkins threw an alley-oop.

Thomas: The Rockets never had control of the game and while there were some brief flashes of offensive fluency in the first half of the game the momentum was never in Houston's favor.

Max: The Rockets put forward another classic second quarter. The Thunder read the Rockets their last rites in the final five minutes of the first half.

Jesus: The game lost control when the Thunder finished the second quarter strong going on a 14-3 run to close out the half.

Xiane: The Thunder could make baskets and the Rockets couldn't - essentially late 2nd quarter onwards.

AK: The Thunder remembered they were better than the Rockets.

Abel: It started.

2. The Rockets MVP last night was...

Patrick: Patrick Beverley

Thomas: Patrick Beverly was the only guy who looked like himself last night. His effort on both ends of the floor was brilliant.

Max: Patrick "Axel" Beverley. It's impossible to say anyone on the Rockets slowed the Thunder, but Beverley made clear he's the man to guard Westbrook over Lin.

Jesus: Patrick Beverly, he fears no man. He came into the game ready to play and steady the offense.

Xiane: Rockets MVP was Mr. Painful Experience.

AK: Kevin Martin. He was the only Thunder player that didn't kill us.

Abel: Mad Men and Game of Thrones, which most of us tuned to by the middle of the first quarter.

3. The Thunder were best at...

Patrick: Basically, basketball. But specifically, the ability to score when the first option broke down. The Thunder just had so many more weapons and they wielded them mercilessly.

Thomas: Oklahoma City had some stellar team defense. The help defense was responsive the switches were well communicated and thoroughly understood. When the Rockets were able to penetrate the perimeter defense there was an Oklahoma jersey sliding perfectly into place to limit easy buckets.

Max: Pressuring the Rockets. The most consistent part of the Rockets play last night was their unending desire to collapse under pressure from the Thunder and give up the ball or take a bad shot.

Jesus: The Thunder were best at keeping the Rockets from scoring easy baskets on the fast break and taking advantage of defensive lapses by the Rockets.

Xiane: Everything.

AK: Basketball.

Abel: Everything.

4. The Rockets need to fix...

Patrick: Their shooting. They have to hit the gym and just get hot in game two.

Thomas: Big man rotations. Greg Smith is not going to do us any good in the starting line up against this particular team. Kevin McHale either needs to go small with Delfino in the starting line-up or give Donatas Motiejunas another shot as the floor spacing big man lurking in the corners for easy three point shots. Greg can come in off the bench as a back up center and do plenty of damage.

Max: Shooting. If Serge Ibaka & Kendrick Perkins are going to keep the Rockets from getting to the basket then the team should probably shoot better than 22% from three.

Jesus: The Rockets need to fix their rotation. In the first half Kevin McHale only used two subs.

Xiane: Offense, defense, towel waving.

AK: Basketball.

Abel: Nothing.

There's no question the Rockets have a ton to work on. Give us your answers to our four questions in the comments:

  1. The game lost control when...
  2. The Rockets MVP last night was...
  3. The Thunder were best at...
  4. The Rockets need to fix...