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Houston Rockets vs. Denver Nuggets game preview

The Rockets take on the Nuggets in Denver at the end of a back-to-back as the Rockets could clinch a playoff spot with plus a Jazz loss to the Warriors tomorrow night.


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Saturday games means nothing spectacular here. The Rockets get shafted with a back-to-back after finishing late last night against the Blazers in Portland. That was a big win, by the way.

The Nuggets have had a day off to figure out how they're going to deal with the losses of Danilo Gallinari (ACL tear-out for season) and Ty Lawson (plantar fascia tear-out for 2 weeks) against the Rockets and moving forward.

The Nuggets have the best home court advantage in basketball, going 34-3 in their high altitude Pepsi Center. This is not an easy place to play no matter who suits up for the Nuggets, and on the second of a back-to-back the Rockets could be in real trouble.

For the good guys, we'll see if Chandler Parsons and/or Carlos Delfino will be available tonight.

And remember, the Nuggets are scrapping for the 3 seed in the West and they want this game just as much as we do. The three seed will get the Warriors or Rockets most likely, while the 4 and 5 seeds will be locked in a rough playoff battle, only to get the Spurs or Thunder who will likely be well rested.

Like I said, big game. Enjoy your weekend, and go Rockets!

Tip-off at 8pm CST.

Other big games in terms of the West playoff race that take place before the Rockets play again.




Lakers vs. Clippers (2:30pm CST): Clippers home game but who are we kidding?

Utah vs. Golden State (7pm): One of them has to lose! A Jazz loss plus a Rockets win clinches a playoff berth for Houston. But I want Golden State to lose too.

Dallas vs. Portland (8pm): Not counting out the Mavs until it's official.


No NBA games

Prediction: I expect us to lose at altitude, plus the Nuggets will be juiced after the Gallo injury and will want to show they can still be a threat. Nuggets 118-Rockets 102.

Denver Stiffs