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Thomas Robinson Deal "Imminent"

Jonathan Feigen reports the Rockets are in advanced trade talks regarding Thomas Robinson and a deal may be imminent.

Robinson applauds the joke of a beginning he's had to his career
Robinson applauds the joke of a beginning he's had to his career
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

First and foremost the source of the story here is Jonathan Feigen, the acclaimed Rockets beat writer. You can read the source story here. We're not breaking the news, we're just condensing it and giving you some commentary.

The Houston Rockets are in "advanced trade talks" for Thomas Robinson. One source close to the situation says a cap-clearing deal could be "imminent." Among the teams rumored to be involved we have two that present direct deals and one that would require a third. Let's take a quick look at the teams and the assets and then have a quick talk about what the implications are here.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are willing dealers in this draft (Reportedly offering the 1st and the 19th pick for LaMarcus Aldridge) and the Chicago Bulls could absorb Robinson with a Traded Player Exception (Holding the 20th pick in the draft) though the Bulls could be interested in making Robinson part of a larger trade package. The Spurs (28th pick) are the rumored third team in this scenario but they would require an outside team to accommodate the trade.

Keep in mind there are 16 other teams in the NBA with cap space or non-guaranteed contracts to make this deal work. Above are just the three most heavily rumored. Since Cleveland has already shown to be interested in swapping their picks out they will no-doubt be connected to most draft day rumors.

Any pick the Rockets acquire would be used on an international prospect in order to avoid a cap hit against the team. Houston could also request a 2014 pick due to that draft class being significantly more enticing than this year's. If the Rockets are after picks in this year's draft expect to hear a trade announced June 27th (Draft day).

The end of the article did leave a bit of a teaser for Robinson and Rockets fans. Someone close to the Rockets organization informed Feigen that the club would rather hold on to Robinson until it's absolutely necessary to jettison him for cap space. This shows that the front office does have some faith in him but also acknowledge that he was acquired because he is easier to move than Patrick Patterson or any combination of our most recent rookies would have been.

For some quick commentary, the Rockets are going all in on their Dwight Howard chase and Thomas Robinson still has allure after a rough start. The logistics behind moving two of last year's draftees complicate the matter due to roster room. What I find most interesting is the Spurs reported interest. If the Spurs organization is after one of your prospects it's generally a pretty good reason to retain that same prospect. The last time the Spurs coveted someone that the Rockets missed on/passed up? Kawhi Leonard.

We'll keep you posted as the situation develops. We'll know in a couple of days whether Robinson is buying a ticket out of town or living out of suitcases.