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Update: Clyde Drexler to join Olajuwon, Harden, Parsons in Dwight Howard pitch

Mark Berman of Fox gets in on the Dwight Howard pitch conversation, adding that Clyde Drexler will be attending the Rockets' pitch on Sunday night.


Earlier today, we discussed how the Rockets' plan on having Chandler Parsons, Hakeem Olajuwon, James Harden, and Kevin McHale at the midnight pitch to Dwight Howard. Now, Mark Berman is getting in on the fun, noting that Clyde Drexler will also be attending it.

Drexler is a Houstonian through and through, going to Ross Sterling High School, playing college ball at U of H, joining the Rockets for the twilight of his career, and then staying on with the broadcasting team and living in Houston after retiring. He, more than anyone, can connect to Dwight and tell him the benefits of living in Houston.

When you look at the roster of people Houston has assembled for this pitch, the Rockets will have three Hall-of-Famers, a pair of young rising wings, and big money Morey at the presentation late on Sunday night. Dwight, you really can't say no to that, can you?