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Player Report Cards: Royce White

A look at the 2012-2013 contributions of Royce White... I can't finish this sentence without laughing or an abundance of irony.

I set mental health relations back 30 years!
I set mental health relations back 30 years!

We're down to the last player I promised to review. Aaron Brooks and Terrence Jones receive incompletes for lack of a sample size and that leaves us with management and one player. That player is the man, the myth, the anxious legend. Royce White.

Royce was the 16th overall pick of the Houston Rockets in the 2012 NBA Draft. His notoriety began with a strong summer league showing and prompt flaking as soon as his deal was signed. While the ink was still fixing itself to the paper Royce began demands for his own party bus, private psychologist to assign him playing time, and a hold out the likes of which would make most NFL players jealous. In his first year Royce spent more time lambasting his critics on Twitter and sicking legions of blind followers upon those who disagreed with him than he did on a basketball court. Let's take a look at what he brought to the table!

Just kidding, Royce didn't bring anything but a headache.

Grade: F

#BeWell #AnxietyTrooper