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Interview: Talking Dwight Howard, Omer Asik, and more Rockets with 1080 The Team

I jumped on with Tuck and O'Neill of Sports Talk 1080 The Team in Orlando, talking about all the happenings with the Rockets. Give it a listen.

Scott Halleran

When the Rockets agreed to terms with Dwight Howard last Friday night, they instantly jumped into the national spotlight as they joined the ranks of contenders in the Western Conference. To talk about this transformation, Tuck and O'Neill had me on. Here are just a few topics we discussed:

  • The initial reaction to the Dwight Howard news
  • Where this puts the Rockets in the Western Conference
  • What will come of Omer Asik?
  • How is the Rockets power forward spot shaping up?
  • Will Jeremy Lin get moved?
  • What will the chemistry be like between Howard and Harden? Will there be any problems there?

Did I get anything wrong? Let me know in the comments.

Radio Spot on 1080

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