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The SBN Zone

I was joined by Brian Rubaie of the Two Man Game and J.R. Wilco of Pounding the Rock to talk basketball for your entertainment.

Bob Levey

Good morning everyone! Last night marked the inaugural recording of what I hope will become a more regular feature between SBNation blogs and a few other fan-sites as well. In order to cover broader basketball issues and give you guys some more media to enjoy I decided to reach out to fellow bloggers and participate in a Google Hangout that feels more like a conversation you’d have with friends about basketball. The hope is to evolve it over time, bring in a panel of 3-5 bloggers (Not counting me) and give you guys a huge diversity of opinion and expertise.

Last night I was joined by Brian Rubaie from The Two Man Game and J.R. Wilco from SBNation’s own Pounding the Rock to talk the Southwest division. We didn’t have anyone from the Grizzlies or the Pelicans but we got a chance to talk the pecking order in the Southwest, the impact of acquisitions, and sneak-in playoff teams.

SBN Zone (via bdavis1218)

If you can't watch the embedded video here is a link to the video:

Courtesy of our own wonderful NVP, for your podcast based needs (Or soundcloud, either one, hush):