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The Dreamshake on the Phil Naessens Show

I joined Phil Naessens for his radio show and we talked shop with the Rockets, pulled some bold predictions about the team, and some discussions about the team's chances going forward.

Bob Levey

I had the pleasure of joining the Phil Naessens show last night to talk Houston Rockets with a fantastic host. The show airs for military networks and covers a wide range of topics. I'm going to plug the guy some traffic because he touches on some great topics and does a great job as a host.

I really enjoyed the opportunity and we got a chance to talk about Dwight Howard, Omer Asik, James Harden, the point guard debate, Rockets game plans, and the coaching situation. It's complete with some bold predictions, some of my confessions about being wrong, and some great conversation. It was a pleasant time for me and I'm glad to have had the opportunity. I look forward to appearing on the show again.

The Rockets portion of the show starts at about the 20:30 mark ran about 16 minutes total of Rockets talk. I hope to keep delivering you guys multimedia content and cross-promotion to bring some more eyes to The Dreamshake and the community we have fostered.

TDS On the Phil Naessens Show