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Report: Terrence Jones Arrested in Portland

Rockets forward Terrence Jones has been arrested in Portland for stomping on a homeless man's leg.


According to a report via KATU in Portland, Rockets forward Terrence Jones was arrested last night/early this morning after yelling at and stomping on a homeless man.

The report also states that Jones will have to appear in court next week. It should be mentioned that Jones is from Portland and went to high school there.

Until there's more evidence, it's tough to jump to any conclusions. On the surface though, this appears to be a senseless act by an immature young man.

The Rockets have yet to release a statement, and if we get any facts we'll get update this page or get a longer post up.

Jones was long-figured to be one of the two challengers for the starting power forward spot for the Rockets in the upcoming season. The Rockets haven't had to deal with anything like this for a while (Rafer Alston spitting on a parking attendant back in 2007 comes to mind), but I doubt they'll have much patience for this.