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Dwight Howard to Houston Google +

Rockets writers react to the landmark signing of Dwight Howard

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Dreamshake writers Thomas Fenoglio and OJ_ATM joined me to talk about the signing of Dwight Howard. After years of Dwightmares, a week of waiting on baited breath, a flurry of last second moves by the Golden State Warriors, confliction reports from Sam Amick, David Aldridge, and Adrian Wojnarowski the biggest free agent on the market has decided to call Houston home. You'll get our initial reactions, a gauge of our confidence, talk about the immediate fit and impact, some speculation as to the Rockets plans moving forward, and some bonus content about the coaching situation in Houston. We hope you'll enjoy celebrating the Rockets major signing in this thread and relax to the soothing tones of our voices as we drop a little bit of basketball love and knowledge on you. Stay tuned to the Dreamshake's video features as we're going to be expanding on this kind of work for you guys.

As a bonus, I requested this to be done on Twitter and it was delivered. (Credit to @d_more55)


Bonus perk: Royce White has been traded to the Philadelphia 76ers.


Double bonus I truly hate where the image for the video previews at...