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Dwight Howard reportedly waffling on decision, weighing Rockets and Lakers?

Seriously, can July 10th come soon enough?

Harry How

Well, we may have jumped the gun a little bit. Everybody and their mother reported earlier today that Dwight Howard had made his decision to join the Houston Rockets, but as the day has gone on, we've waited and waited for confirmation to come from the team. That confirmation never came.

Now, as the night drags on, a number of writers are reporting that Dwight has had a "change of heart" and is back to deciding between the Rockets and the Lakers. According to Chris Broussard (and thus requiring a grain of salt), Dwight is back to a 50/50 decision between the Rockets and Lakers.

And with Dwight going back to Los Angeles on a plane to meet Mitch Kupchak, this is all getting a little bit uncomfortable. After all, Dwight is the most notoriously impulsive player in the league, and for him to change his mind again would be absolutely no surprise.

On the other hand, this is likely mostly agent driven reports. Dan Fegan is set to be the big loser if Dwight leaves $30 million on the table, as his fee of 2% is based off of Dwight's gross salary. He doesn't benefit from the differences in state tax, so if the Lakers sign Howard, he would make over $600,000 more in his agent's fee.

If I had to guess, these "sources" that Chris Broussard and Alex Kennedy are talking to are likely Fegan. If Fegan has his way, Howard will be in Los Angeles, so it makes sense for Fegan to leak information to the press. Even if this is likely BS, given how important this signing is, it is extremely worrying. If Dwight doesn't stick to his guns and instead decides to stay in LA, I don't know what kind of meltdown Houston will have.