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Even After Adding Harden & Dwight, Daryl Morey Can't Earn Josh Innes' Approval

While the majority of the city is buzzing about what Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey has accomplished, Josh innes still doesn't think much of him. Or of me.

Yes. He's so mad at Daryl Morey, he's willing to "lick his sack."
Yes. He's so mad at Daryl Morey, he's willing to "lick his sack."
Photo Credit: Houston Media Watch - Craig Shelton

There are numerous sports radio options in Houston and the last one on my personal dial is Sports Radio 610. Yes, "Houston's Sports Leader" has rode the coattails of the Houston Texans success to the top of the ratings in the genre and it has had a continuing downward spiral of quality ever since.

Instead of having actual sports content on their programs (except for you, Seth Payne. You're still my boy.), they've decided to move in a direction that is just talk radio. If you want to hear real sports analysis of the game the night before, they're the last place you'd check anymore. But if you want to hear about Nick Wright's thoughts on gun control and abortion or just how many times John Lopez can giggle like a school girl in sixty seconds, well that just might be the morning show for you.

However, the number one rated sports show in the Houston is the afternoon program that is hosted by Josh Innes and Rich Lord. For those that have listened to them before, you know where I'm headed with this. Innes just might be the most hated sports radio jock in the city. Even Rich Lord can't stand him. But I digress. Something happened today that led to me tweeting at Innes and getting him just a bit overzealous in his criticism of Morey and myself.

Some might remember just over a year ago when 610 had lost the rights to the Houston Rockets and they were just running out their contract, Innes had an interview with Daryl Morey where he was pompous, confrontational and just a flat out tool. It got to the point where you could tell Morey was annoyed and that was that. But ever since then, Innes has seemed to have something personal against him. Any opportunity he has to blast him, he does. Anyone who is complimentary of Morey, Innes disregards and makes some lousy joke or comment.

This leads me to today. I listen mostly to 790am and I'll flip over to 610 sometimes during the commercial just because it's usually better than the ads. Usually. That's the only time I will ever hear a portion of the "J & R show." However, today was a special occasion. Knowing that he was calling Morey out last week about how if Dwight didn't come here, it would make Morey even more of a disappointment. So I figured today would be an entertaining listen to hear him eat some crow. As you saw in the tweet above, that isn't what was happening. Not only did he reply with this tweet:

But he then went on a rampage when they came back from one of their fifteen commercial breaks per hour. In it, he called me a "fraud and a clown" as well as declaring he doesn't care if I don't like him. Well, if you listen to the audio of the eight minute rant that he got him into a high pitched squeal about at me, as well as his co-host, he really sounds like someone who doesn't care. The audio is hosted here:

Now I understand that hosting a major market radio show is going to get a lot of people coming at you and I'm sure Innes feels like that two thousand times plus per day. But it isn't his criticism of me that was a bother. I won't be crying into my pillow over what that ass clown thinks of me. But his damn near reluctance to credit Daryl Morey for what he has accomplished in this rant is just dumb founding. There are those that can eat crow and then there is Josh innes.

Listen to the audio and leave your thoughts on Innes and his opinion on Daryl Morey below. Also, today I graduate from BD34's "Troll So Hard University." Because, like my wife said when she heard this; "only my husband could make another human being that mad on the air."

I'll take that as a compliment.