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James Harden and Jeremy Lin star in stupid YouTube sensations

James Harden and Jeremy Lin were the subjects of a pair of silly videos on YouTube. Which is dumber?


It's the off-season. Players get bored playing in pro-ams and going to workouts all the time, so they do stupid things like star in ridiculous videos destined for YouTube. Just in the last 24 hours, two Rockets, James Harden and Jeremy Lin, had videos released of them doing stupid things.

In James Harden's case, he recorded an R&B single for Foot Locker that may be the only justifiable appeal for the use of autotune in today's music:

If you want to listen to that on repeat, here's a link. If you smash your speakers in disgust, The Dream Shake is not liable (resident lawyer grungedave can attest to this).

But seriously, what the hell is this (other than a shameless publicity stunt by Foot Locker)? It brings back memories of the Rockets singing Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel last year, and those are not times I want to relive.

Getting to Lin, the Rockets point guard was the main character in a longer, feature film. Here is Lin in You've Changed Bro:

Lin plays a troubled figure struggling to grapple with the ever-changing mental landscape of an emerging star in this one, and it's a role he plays well. Can he stay true to his roots while also remaining the popular player that he is? What does wheatgrass taste like? These are the questions Lin faces.

Steve Nash and James Harden have guest roles (with Harden perhaps landing the line of the day in his part), and the rest of it is Lin being trashed by his friends. It's stupid, but at the very least it has some memorable lines. I gave it a watch and I have no regrets.

Until training camp, this is what we get to live off of. At least neither one of them got arrested.