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Morey AMA Recap: McHale will "experiment" In Camp w/ D-12 At PF

Rockets general manager talks Dwight Howard, power forward and Jeremy Lin. The internet didn't disappoint.

Rockets GM Daryl Morey -- Reddit Dork
Rockets GM Daryl Morey -- Reddit Dork
Bob Levey

Daryl Morey's most recent Ask Me Anything on Reddit might be the perfect summary of the internet.

When given the opportunity to have a thoughtful conversation with one of the NBA's most well-respected GM's, the internet promptly went to the lowest place possible -- and Morey was right at home.

Perhaps the best way to sum up this AMA. It's currently second on the NBA subreddit behind a .gif of a James Harden flash drive. It's awesome:



Here's quick recap of Morey's responses to a bevy of questions:
  • McHale will "experiment" with Dwight Howard at power forward and Omer Asik at center in training camp.
  • Asik wants to be a starter.
  • The power forward position is wide open between Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas.
  • Morey hates on Jeremy Lin haters.
Dwight Howard & Omer Asik:
Several questions were asked about Omer Asik's future with the Rockets. The biggest takeaway in this talk is Morey downplaying previous comments about Omer's unhappiness:
Omer would prefer to be a starter and is certainly a starter+ quality player. That said, he is a winner first & likes being on a winning team.

Morey also commented on the possible pairing of Howard and Asik:

Coach McHale plans to experiment with Dwight at PF and Omer as C in training camp. If it works and helps us win, obviously we would look at using it.

Power Forward:

The door is wide open for Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas to start. If you're ignoring the aforementioned magic pairing of Howard at power forward and Asik at center:

I think Terrence Jones is going to have a big year. Our PF spot is wide open right now and either he or Donatas have the talent to help us and a big opportunity.

Don't Mess w/ Jeremy Lin:

It is amazing to me that all the time I encounter people feeling negative about Jeremy's season with us. I have chalked this up to:
-- he started off slow, mostly do to getting 100% back from injury
-- very high, unrealistic expectations after his time in New York
-- had a rough ending in the playoffs, again due to injury
-- people generally remember starts & ends more than anything else
-- people generally compare things to their expectations when forming opinions versus look at the big picture

Last year was Jeremy's 1st full year in the league. Essentially his rookie year. If last season would have been his rookie year and he never would have played in New York, right now people would be appropriately talking about him incessantly as one of the top young rookie stars in the league. He was the starting point guard on a playoff team in West at age 24!!! Don't get me started on this. Too late...

Omri Casspi:

Morey is big on Casspi and refers to him as a yet-to-be defined role player. I agree. The guy averaged 10 ppg in 25 mpg in his rookie season which included two outstanding months of play:

Unless you are one of the very top players in the league, the NBA is mostly about skills matching roles. I don't think Omri has had a good role fit yet and I think his skills are significant. We shall see.

After a quality discussion of the Rockets, the conversation then met the standard you would expect from Reddit:


And Morey was right at home:


As a reminder, Morey reads TDS:


Daryl, if you do read this. Can you watch the first home game with an unlit cigar and a bud-heavy in your hand? Just bask in it.