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TheDreamShake 3v3 Tournament First Round -- Jesus Acevado's Stomp Hoopers vs. Max Croes' Bro-Force

First matchup of the first round of TheDreamShake's 3v3 tournament. Jesus Acevado's Stomp Hoopers vs. Max Croes' Bro-Force

Christian Petersen

TheDreamShake begins our tournament with the first round pairing of Jesus Acevado's 6th seeded Stomp Hoopers facing off against Max Croes' 3rd seeded Bro-Force.

Jesus' team of three contains two second year players in Terrence Jones and Patrick Beverley and a rookie in Jordan Henriquez. This makes for one of the scarier teams in the paint with a 7"0 center and a 6"8 Power forward, but perimeter play will be lacking since Beverley is the only option in that facet. On the other hand, Max Croes' team is made up of two young guards in Jeremy Lin and BJ Young, while Donatas Motiejunas attempts to man the paint. This really is a matchup of contrasting styles, so let's see what each "General Manager" has to say about the matchup.

Jesus Acevado:

Storm Hoopers v. Broforce. To be honest this is a battle of the backups. Patrick Beverley will guard and harass Jeremy Lin all game long. Lin has shown to be turnover prone when facing point guards who play good defense. Lin will probably have to be the main scoring option on Broforce and Beverley will slow down any production from Lin.

Offensively, Beverley will run the pick and roll with Terrance Jones and hit the open shots. Speaking of Jones, he will be matched up against BJ Young, leaving Jordan Henriquez to matchup with Donatas Motiejunas. Rebound wise, the Storm Hooper should dominate on the boards. Henriquez's size alone will be an advantage and you can't forget about Jones and Beverley's penchant for nabbing rebounds.

So far, Storm Hoopers, have the rebound advantage and with Beverley locking up Lin, that leaves D-Mo and Young to carry the scoring load. Young will find it tough to score against the bigger Jones and Henriquez, while not having NBA experience, should make D-Mo work hard to score inside because of his size and length.

This is a typical matchup of one team, Broforce, being good on paper, but not on the court against a team that can lock up it's primary scoring option.

Storm Hoopers take care of busines and defeat Broforce behind a strong defensive performance from Beverley and Jones' offensive prowess.

Max Croes:

Linsanity fans should love this matchup. Here's how this game starts and ends. Jeremey Lin--Donatas Motiejunas pick and roll. All day.

Beverley is an outstanding and tenacious defender, but he can't be expected to do everything without four other defenders on the floor to force the direction of a Jermey Lin drive.

Pick and roll all day with B.J. Young planted in a spot that keeps Terrance Jones out of the defensive equation. For all I know, B.J. Young even has a jumpshot.

Seriously though, does he have a jumpshot? I have no idea.

Can we reflect on the epic matchup that is Jordan Henriquez vs. Donatas Motiejunas? While more is known about Henriquez than B.J. Young what I know is that a 6"11' dude averaging 5p/5r a game in his senior year of college doesn't make the new stacked D-Mo quake.

Henriquez isn't going to keep D-Mo out of the lane on defense, so the point-forward version of Terrence Jones and the slashing of Patrick Beverley is denied a straight move to the basket.

This game described in two words. Lin, FTW.

Who do you think should win this matchup? Vote in the voting box below, the results will be posted later on this week of the winner. Thank you again for reading TheDreamShake during the offseason, you stay classy Dreamshakers.