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The Dreamshake on the Phil Naessens Show

BD34 joins the Phil Naessens show in what is becoming a regular occurrence to talk Jeremy Lin and Kevin McHale.

I am!
I am!

I joined Phil Naessens again and had a fantastic time talking Rockets. I tried to configure secondary recording for my laptop but unfortunately trying to use Soundflower and configuring it to work with my headphones (Despite what troubleshooting and method you use) doesn't seem to want to cooperate. I've embedded the link and if that doesn't work I've also provided the source link.

We got the chance to talk Jeremy Lin and Doc Rivers versus Kevin McHale. This was the follow up to the comments thread and the hot topics there so y'all are welcome to propose new topics as Phil is a great host and factors in the response and requests of his audience when he can. We took a look at something Rockets and Knicks fans alike can appreciate, why does Jeremy Lin get such a reaction out of people? We then moved on to clarify the Kevin McHale in the Doc Rivers conversation where we provided some evidence that McHale may actually out-class Rivers and trash on Phil Jackson a bit.

I hope you guys appreciate the audio content and I hope to keep providing you with this kind of content. Feel free to hit up Phil's site and give him some direct clicks if it doesn't work here.

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