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The Dreamshake on the Phil Naessens Show

On what is becoming a regular occurrence BD34 was allowed to continue to pollute the airwaves with his particular brand of hackneyed analysis and equivocation. Enjoy!

This is how you get page views
This is how you get page views

I had the pleasure of joining the Phil Naessens show yet again this week after a couple weeks worth of hiatus related to getting my affairs in order after starting a new job. It was a pleasure to get to sit and chat about the Rockets with a guy who is a genuinely good host and I really do hope that these posts encourage you to check out his podcasts. I need to give a big thank you to J.R. Wilco of Pounding the Rock who set me up for these things and he is a regular participant with the radio show as well. He's a knowledgeable guy and well worth the listen, even if he is a fan of the Spurs.

The Rockets segment kicks in at the 43:15 mark and from there it only gets work (I begin talking). We talked the Ronnie Brewer signing, the competition to make the Rockets roster, the power forward position and Terrence Jones's legal trouble, Jeremy Lin's place in the grand scheme of point guards and his attitude towards history, and perhaps the greatest topic to have been proposed... Royce White's legacy.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and give it a listen. If you have anything you would like discussed you can suggest here and I promise you Phil sees it and takes it under consideration for the show. Glad to be contributing something again.

Tweet insults to me at @QuestionablyBD, e-mail me love letters at, or comment here with suggestions. Link to the direct audio provided if the embedded HTML doesn't work (Since SBNation hates my swag).

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