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TheDreamShake 3v3 Rockets Tournament

Introduction to the inaugural TheDreamShake offseason 3v3 Tournament


We're entering the dead time of the offseason where trades, signings, and other transactions aren't taking place. To help us get through this time 6 writers here at TheDreamShake have decided to take part in a hypothetical 3v3 tournament made up of all the Rocket's roster.

How it Works:

All the contributors will hold a draft serpentine style together where they will choose their team of 3 (a full transcript of this draft will be posted once it's complete). Once the teams are selected and the draft transcript is posted, you, the reader, will be able to vote on which team you believe is the best.

The tournament will be setup in a similar way to the NFL Playoffs where 6 teams will enter and 2 will have a bye (the byes will be decided by which team has the most votes in the draft post). We will re-seed after every round and it's a best of 1 format. During each "game" or "matchup" both writers will write 1-3 paragraphs on why their team should beat the other in a game of 3v3, ex: "Since Dwight Howard will be guarded by Chandler Parsons for most of the game, we will abuse this matchup on offense for the majority of the game." Again, you, the reader, will be voting on which team you believe would win the matchup and which writer made the better case of to why their team should win. This will continue for 3 rounds until we have a winner.

The Prize:

Bragging rights for a year in our writer E-mail chains and an undisclosed prize of my choosing which will be revealed later on.

Who Are The Writers Participating?:

OJ_ATM, Max Croes, Jesus Acevado Jr, Abel Prado, 3ptsTheHardenWay, and UofTOrange.

I hope that you will enjoy this 3v3 tournament and thanks for being loyal readers of TheDreamShake throughout the offseason! The draft post will be up later on in the week!