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TDS 3-on-3 Tourney Fantasy Draft Thread

We all blew off work for this.


It's safe to say that no one on the TDS staff was very productive Monday. You can read the full write up of the specifics of this project here. Below is the draft we held over email. OJ_ATM originally wanted to write this up but the poor fella is currently bed ridden with a nasty case of something which I can only assume he caught at freshman orientation. So instead you're left with the dulcet tones of Abel Prado as your draft host.

Our draft selections will be serpentine style and the order was randomized by some dude on twitter, I think. It came out like this:

1. UofTOrange


3. 3ptstheHardenWay

4. Jesus Acevedo Jr.

5. Abel Prado

6. Max Croes

Foreigners not counting against the salary cap were not eligible. Here is the pool of 18 players we could select from:


Omer Asik





Fenerbahce S.K./Turkey



Patrick Beverley








Aaron Brooks








Marcus Camby








Isaiah Canaan





Murray State/USA



Omri Casspi





Hapoel Galil Elyon/Israel



Robert Covington





Tennessee State/USA



Francisco Garcia(FA)





Louisville/Dominican Republic



James Harden





Arizona State/USA



Jordan Henriquez(FA)





Kansas State/USA



Dwight Howard





SW Atlanta Christian Academy (GA)/USA



Terrence Jones








Jeremy Lin








Donatas Motiejunas





Asseco Prokom (Poland)/Lithuania



Chandler Parsons








Greg Smith





Fresno State/USA



Reggie Williams





Virginia Military Inst./USA



BJ Young

G 6-3 180 05/26/1993 Arkansas/USA

UTofOrange had the first pick.

UT: Do free throws happen or is it just ball out of bounds?

OJ: Free throws on shooting fouls, bonus at 7 fouls, 2s and 3s, change of possession = take back to 3 point line, and first team to 31 wins.

UT: Well that makes this pick a lot harder now doesn't it? Ok, well not that much harder. It would be a good move to pick up Harden but in a 3-on-3 setting size paired with athleticism is the most important thing. Speed is great but if I'm almost as fast but seven-foot, then I win. I'll take first-time Houston Rocket Dwight Howard number one overall. This is going to be a long wait to pick 13, but clearly this is the right pick. Small ball wins in pick-up games when no one is really that talented but in big time games size rules.

GrungeDave: There are rumblings in Dwight Howard's camp that he's frustrated with his role in the offense for Team Grammier.


/sent via Blackberry/

OJ: There are 2 players who clearly stand out from the Rockets roster, one of which is Dwight Howard. Since UT chose him, it makes James Harden the easy pick for me. That said, with the 2nd overall pick I choose James Harden.

Space will be key for my team, James Harden works well driving the lane and is a deadly isolation player. With the added space that Harden will have, his drives should yield great results whether it be with layups, fouls, or passes to open players. If I can secure a big man with one of my future picks, that can also give my team a pick and roll threat which could prove to be deadly. I love the versatility I have with my team being built around James Harden, he's the best player in the draft due to that in my opinion.

Additionally, rumor has it that UTofOrange is working on a superhero themed introductory video for Dwight Howard and his team that should be ready by their first game.

Max (who is picking last): doesn't even have a photo for B.J. Young yet. I think it's destiny that he ends up on my team.

He's got to respond if I Tweet that I drafted him, right? His handle is predictably @bjyoung_money11

3ptstheHardenWay: Chandler Parsons

He is the most complete player on the Rockets roster and is the best at making the players around him better. Can easily D up any non-center, can spread the floor, can handle the ball, and as the Rockets coaching staff said about him during their practices before he was a starter, he is a winner. Kelvin Sampson has noted that it seemed like every pick-up game in the Rockets gym were won by the team with Chandler on them. 3rd year is the year players blossom if they avoid a sophomore slump the way Parsons did.

I predict great things.

And by 'things', I mean hair.

OJ: 3pt is clearly playing toward the women vote by choosing Parsons at three.

ACEVEDO: With the 4th pick of the 2013 TDS Draft, I select Patrick Beverley.

Beverly will have an outstanding second season with the Rockets. Take into account that he only played half a season and showed why Morey and company brought him from Russia or whatever European city he was playing in. Beverly aka Mr. 94 feet, will harass point guards all day long, and if that doesn't work he'll just injure them...on accident of course. re: Russell Westbrook. Plus, I heard from sources (Twitter) that Beverley has been working on his shot in order to be automatic.

OJ: I can't tell if you're trying to troll Lin fans or you seriously think that was a good pick.

ACEVEDO: I chose Beverley because I do think he's the best point guard on this team.

PRADO: As trollsome as Jesus's pick was to Lin fans, it especially jobs me over since I was hoping Lin would be taken by now and it wouldn't be too controversial to pick up Beverley in my spot. With that said, with the fifth pick of the first annual "I dont understand this, this is dumb" Dreamshake Fantasy Draft, Prado's Bellaire Ballers select: OMER ASIK! Center, Turkey.

I was really tempted to take Lin here, perhaps if there was a wonderlic test or some sort of written pre-draft exam to boost his stock I may be enamored by his "basketball IQ" but there isn't. The reasons are as obvious as they are simple for taking Asik. In a 3-3 contest speed and athleticism maybe the most important, but the rules of basketball are still the same. Rule the boards, rule the game. Asik's rebounding ability will give me an edge on every team, even against Howard. And since UTofOrange has to wait 11 entire picks before he can take anyone else, he's gonna be pretty thing after taking Rocket Man with the first pick.

Also, Omer's Turkish nationality means he wont ask too many questions when the team doctor gives him several special "vitamin" injections before practice.

OJ: I thought it would be accepted that hypothetically giving your players steroids would be against the rules, but guess not. Steroid away Prado. By the way, this marks 3 picks in a row that I disagree with.

PRADO: Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute now! Who said anything about steroids? The Ballers employ proprietary methods of strength and conditioning all of which are in compliance with the Freedonian guidelines for sport, fish and wildlife. Nothing to see here. Movealong.

CROES: There's a ton at play over here.

I gave my dad the sixth pick. He's writing it up now. I do not know who he will select. I've got the seventh pick.

My dream scenario once Bev came off the board was to land Asik and Lin. That's a solid pick and roll combo in a 3-3 tournament. Possibly the best combo that could be produced in this draft. Unless we're giving big ups to a Howard-Cannan pairing. But now there's a chance I could leave that combo for Abel.

I'm going to have to make a decision between having a big man or a team straight swingmen.

OJ: There's a part of me that really wants Brooks or Canaan to be picked here.

PRADO: SHHHH! OJ, you're out of your element.

CROES: With the sixth pick in the draft, my dad selects point guard Jeremy Lin:

CROES'S DAD: Guarantees this will be the smartest of the six teams. His pick-and-roll expertise and driving ability will be a killer in a 3-on-3 game. He can work well with anyone else to get easy baskets.

To recap the first round:

1. Dwight Howard, UTofOrange

2. James Harden, OJ ATM

3. Chandler Parsons, 3ptstheHardenWay

4. Patrick Beverly (lol), Acevedo

5. Omer Asik, Prado

6. Jeremy Lin, Croes

I think it was a rather predictable first round, this will essentially be our starting five with Beverly perhaps being a Sixth Man of the Year candidate if everything goes well. The fact that he was taken before Lin, however, well that's high comedy.


CROES: With the seventh pick I'm adding Donatas Motiejunas.

If we didn't take Lin the best team here would clearly be Lin and Asik. I like D-Mo in a 3-on-3 game. His size will provide a bit of coverage down low. His size will be worthwhile against every team that doesn't have Asik or Howard. On offense I've got no problem with him running a pick and roll with Lin, or hanging out as a shooter to draw Howard/Asik away from the basket.

PRADO: Croes almost got his wish for a Lin/Asik combo as I had just inhaled enough psychotropic substances to make such a decision and take The Count of Motiejunas in the first round. Lin and Motiejunas is a good pairing. But Lin, frankly, would not have to cojones needed to be a Baller. There's really only one guard on this team that has the gravitas to throw elbows and break ankles from West Montgomery to Tomball Parkway.

With the eighth pick of the second round I select Aaron Brooks, PG, Franklin High School.

With Lin, Bev and Harden off the board, Brooks is the natural selection. Also, we're playing a game of street ball. Brooks is by far the most thuggish ruggish motha on this team. I dare anyone to call foul on him.

ACEVEDA: My next pick is Terrence Jones.

Jones can double as a stretch 4 and low post presence for rebounding. He will make for a great pick and roll team with Beverley as well. And if all else fails he can start stomping on people krumping.

3pts: Greg Smith.

The Parsons/Smith PnR combo is pretty under-rated. Greg has enormous hands and a feathery touch at the rim when he's not dunking on Tiago Splitter. He can finish at the rim and doesn't take unnecessary shots, which lead to his 62% shooting percentage this season (also holds D-League record for FG% if I'm not mistaken). He can hold his own against Dwight for stretches too, don't forget about his career game against the Lakers.

OJ: I choose Omri Casspi. He brings needed shooting as well as size. Unfortunately with this pick I give up needed size under the basket.

UT: I will take Francisco Garcia as a big, long defender and good kick out three point shooter.

Nice and speedy second round. To recap:

7. Donatas Motiejunas, C/PF, Croes

8. Aaron Brooks, G, Prado

9. Terrence Jones, F, Acevedo

10. Greg Smith, C/F, 3ptstheHardenWay

11. Omri Cassipi, F, OJ_ATM

12. Francisco Garcia, F, UTofOrange

Third Round:

UT: Isaiah Canaan, you've all just lost.

OJ: With my next pick I select Marcus Camby. His size will allow for my team to be able to

match up with all the other teams with big men. On offense, it creates balance and on defense it allows us to guard the paint. Overall, I think my team has the best balance even though Casspi and Marcus are sub-par players and if it comes down to it, I can just rely on Harden to do everything.

3pts: Reggie Williams. (Ed note: Who?)

Ballhandling duties will be shared by Parsons/Reggie, both can run the pick and roll as well as function as exceptional spot up corner shooters when either is playing off the ball. The Reggie/Parsons pick and roll also has a nice ring to it against undersized teams too.

Versatility, 3 point shooting, and a big man that can finish at the rim makes this team deadly.

I believe that pick also nets my team the ironic honor of being the most undrafted team in the draft.

I demand that my 3-on-3 crew be referred to as "The Chuckwagons"

Running out of options so I will pick up a remaining big, Jordan Henriquez.

Not much is known about this 6'11 center but one thing is for sure, you can't teach size. With Terrence Jones and Patrick Beverley, Henriquez can be relegated to using his length to bother people at the rim and snatch every rebound. Beverly can run the pick and roll with both Jones and Henriquez, and my hope is that Henriquez can play a role similar to Tyson Chandler. From a guard perspective, Beverley will be able to handle his own with any other guard he faces, except for Harden. Overall, I think my team is ready to show what it can to.

My team should henceforth be know as the Stomp Hoopers.

PRADO: Slim pickings at this point. In fact the guys left just plain suck. I seriously do not want any of these scrubs on my team.

So, for the Last pick The Bellaire Ballers select: Rafer Alston, Guard, And-1 Mixtape tour. This is the way we ball. And we riding blades. Jags and Escalades. We third coast born but we always getting paid.

(Ed Note: This pick was immediately vetoed. They let us have no fun.)

Decided to take Bobby Covington over BJ Young. He's one of those size guys with speed and a decent handle. He can rebound, and has a decent shot. With Brooks and Asik I have probably the most deadly PnR combo in this draft. Covington get's the nod over Young since I just need a 6'7 guy that can get in Chandler's face while one of my team trainers removes the soles from everyone else's shoes and fucks with Chandler's hair products.

That leaves young for Croes. It was destiny.

So who made out the best? Vote in the poll below. That'll decide the seeding. Our first and second seeds will get a bye, three will face six and four with face off with five in the in first round.

Tell us how smart we are, or how stupid OJ is in the comments.