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Rockets Unveil New Toyota Center Locker Room

The Rockets locker room has an entirely new look. Who's sitting next to who?


Much like the Rockets roster the Toyota Center locker room received a serious overhaul this off-season.

The locker room is all new. Its been built in with wrap around lockers all facing the center of the room.

Are you a reporter who doesn't know who Dwight Howard is? No problem.

There's now an LED display circling the entire room above the lockers with player profiles. When it's not reminding you of who Robert Covington is it flashes profile photos of the Rockets' decade teams.

We even know who sits next to who in this proverbial high school cafeteria, Gretchen Wieners would be pleased to know there's a social order:

From left to right of the Rockets Vine of the new locker room:

Dwight Howard - Ronnie Brewer - Chandler Parsons - Jeremy Lin - Robert Covington - Isaiah Canaan - Reggie Williams - Marcus Camby - Francisco Garcia - Aaron Brooks - Donatas Motiejunas - Omri Casspi - Omer Asik - *Doorway* - Greg Smith - Patrick Beverley - Terrence Jones - James Harden

Notes on the seating chart:

  • Howard and Harden have been placed at the *front* of the room denoting their leadership roles. They're both closest to where we presume Coach McHale has a dry erase board.
  • Parsons and Lin continue their bromance.
  • Covington and Canaan are rookies next door.
  • All the international players sit next to each other, D-Mo, Casspi and Asik.
  • Patrick Beverley is not seated next to Russell Westbrook.
  • There's no photos of lockers for B.J. Young or Jordan Henriquez.

Interested in what the old locker room looked like?