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Get Rowdy, Get Free Tickets

A new way to see the Rockets without selling your soul to Comcast...

Loud and Proud.
Loud and Proud.
Scott Halleran

As a former member of the Rockets Red Rowdies, I feel it is my duty to give a shout out to that group for not only sticking around this long, but for doing what many of us have wanted the fans at Toyota Center to do for quite some time now; show up on time, get up and make some damn noise!

Now I know times are tough and not all of us can afford to get out to the arena and do our part. Hell, most of us can't even watch the games on our own TV, but that's a dead horse that I'm tired of beating on.

So what's the solution? Well, you can either run down to the local pub and hope they have CSN Houston or you can watch some fuzzy, skipping stream broadcast of each game on your crappy PC. But I present to you a third option; try out to be a Red Rowdy.

in 2007, being a part of the Red Rowdies was a ton of fun for me personally and I imagine with the roster that has been put together this season, things are going to be even more electric. It's really simple, anyone can try out. All you have to do is be committed to going to each game and being as loud and obnoxious as possible. Basically, just be your impression of BD34 and you'll be good. Just try to use a little less snark (still love you, boo).

Auditions take place outside of Toyota Center, at the LaBranch entrance, next Saturday on October 5th at 5pm . What the hell else are going to do? Even if you don't make the cut, it's still more enjoyable than just standing around griping about the Texans all weekend.

One thing I've learned about Houston sports fans is that they love free stuff as much as they love to jump on the bandwagon. Here's your opportunity to do both.

Oh, and if you have a drum, it sounds like you've got a pretty good shot to make the final squad. Bring it.

Make sure to follow Red Rowdies on twitter for updates and any questions you may have.