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Red Nation Radio: Vicodin 'n Nitrogen

Flyin' higher than a kite...


You could take Vicodin, step out of the house, onto a freeway, have a truck hit you, and you'd say 'My Bad!'

That's pretty much the best way to set the stage for this week's episode of Red Nation Radio as Mike is popping Vicodin and BD34 is huffing Nitrogen.

Yes, after a two week delay due to Mike's dental needs, Christmas and BD's need to write reviews on all of the tranny porn he received in his stocking, the show is back, as promised, and will hopefully continue to do so week in and week out for the remainder of the season.

The main topic this week is, obviously, what is the deal with the Rockets lack of consistency against so-called inferior competition? But there is also some ranting about also getting spanked like a two year old boy who flushed his mom's watch down the toilet every time Houston plays one of the "big boys" of the NBA's elite.

Something about "hero ball" may have come up as well as James Harden's defensive efforts. Dwight's return to dominance and if it's here to stay gets a large portion of the discussion as does the Omer Asik situation, trade needs as we begin the march to the deadline and the progression of Jeremy Lin, Chandler Parsons and James Harden.

All of this as well as Mike's inability to profess his love nor hatred for Coach McHale can be heard below and on iTunes (search for, and please subscribe to, "Luv Ya Steel Blue").

Desktop and Android users can listen here.