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Jeremy Lin makes dumplings on NBA Inside Stuff


A few things about this:

  • Jeremy Lin is Taiwanese-American, but I'm assuming Taiwan also celebrates Chinese New Year. No word yet on whether J-Lin supports a free and independent Taiwan, but just going to doubt Stern or Silver will let anyone in the NBA piss off China.
  • I hope they explain why Lin is cooking in a clearly full-service Chinese restaurant kitchen. Actually, no wait. I hope there's no explanation at all. The idea that Jeremy Lin can walk into any Chinese restaurant kitchen in Houston amuses me.
  • The potential for ignorance on set with Grant Hill and Kristen Ledlow is so high here. We've seen enough instances where people don't realize what they say about Lin is offensive. Hopefully the writers take care with this one.
  • Of course Lin was born in the Year of the Dragon. Ten bucks says Matt Harpring was born in the Year of the Rat.
  • Why do they even have a Year of the Rat?
  • One can only imagine how fired up that chef would be if Patrick Beverly was put on dumpling duty and Lin could shine in the lesser, but still important, steaming vegetables role.

NBA Inside Stuff with Lin making dumplings and discussing the zodiac will air Saturday at 11 a.m. CT.