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James Harden and Dwight Howard make All-Star Game for Houston Rockets

The All-Star Game rosters have been announced, and James Harden and Dwight Howard are the team's representatives in New Orleans.

Scott Halleran

When Dwight Howard signed his contract in Houston this summer, the Rockets were thrilled to secure their second All-Star under contract for at least the next three seasons. Today, the label became formal as Howard was named to the All-Star Game alongside James Harden, giving the Rockets their first duo in the All-Star Game since the McGrady-Yao era.

Harden has had an impressive but somewhat up-and-down 2013-14 campaign, continuing his strong play from last year, but has struggled with his shot from distance and has been criticized for his defense. He has, however, continued to make a mark and score in bunches for the Rockets who are gunning for homecourt in the West.

Howard has returned to form after a disappointing season with the Lakers, and has helped keep a defense afloat despite a lack of playmakers at any other positions. Daryl Morey thought that he merited a starting spot, but he will have to be happy settling for a reserve role. This marks his 8th straight All-Star Game.

Joining them in New Orleans will be Terrence Jones, who will be playing in the Rookie-Sophomore game.