G49: Rockets vs. Cavaliers Prediction Game

Probably a good idea to verify your scores for the next few days since I'll be hopped up on hydrocodone following ACL reconstruction surgery.


  1. All predictions must appear in your title and be of the form Rockets xxx-yyy Cavaliers. You can post whatever you want in your body justifying your prediction.
  2. If you miss 5 games in a row, your name will be taken off the ladder (your existing points will still be there and resurface once you predict again).
  3. +1 points for picking winner correctly.
  4. -1 points for picking winner incorrectly.
  5. +1 for being within 5 points of Rockets' score.
  6. +1 for being within 5 points of Cavaliers' score.
  7. +2 for getting the score exactly right.


arnold p +51
stats-teacher +47
DoubleBogey +46
Xiane +39
Knickelodeon +38
sohum +32
chrive +29
journeymany +29
RumTMC +29
Bobbythegreat +27
Lawrence Person +27
hairali +26
andyroo884 +23
jbars +23
ArmyDive +21
owenli +18
gunsbound +15
mitmil22 +3
SS19 +1
frankbank +0
rm90025 -1
Mannan Ali -2

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.