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Rockets to part ways with Robert Covington, per report

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Covington has had his last DNP-CD in Houston, according to RealGM

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Covington will no longer be a member of the Houston Rockets, according to a report from RealGM.

The Rockets will either cut Covington before the season or find a way to trade him, RealGM reports. After hearing that the Rockets will cut him before the season, it's hard to imagine the Rockets getting anything of value for him in return, but Morey works in mysterious ways.

Covington, at 23, 6-9 and 219 pounds, dominated the D-League in his first season, getting Rookie of the Year and First Team honors while averaging 23.2 points and 9.2 rebounds for the Rio Grande Vipers. He played in seven games for the Rockets, averaging 4.9 minutes and 2.3 points a game.

Covington really has no place in the rotation, as a small forward behind Trevor Ariza, Big Papa (this is our new thing, embrace it), Francisco Garcia, Troy Daniels and, let's be real, James Harden with bench units. The Rockets don't need him, despite his ability to shoot, and he hasn't impressed thus far in the preseason or in practices. He has some talent, but this move makes sense, as far as roster construction goes.