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Rockets at Pelicans game thread: Going for 4-0

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Can the Rockets keep their preseason win streak alive? Discuss as they go for four in a row.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

A preseason back-to-back? What kind of hogwash is this? Regardless, the Rockets have to play and us hopeless addicts will watch (maybe). Here's what we're looking for tonight

  • Man, it would be great if Isaiah Canaan could build on his promising performance last night. Someone needs to grab the reins in the backup point guard competition and Canaan is probably everyone's first choice, if he can play consistently well.
  • Kevin McHale praised Kostas "Big Papa" Papanikolaou for his playmaking ability yesterday. When will see it in a game outside of a play here or there?
  • For the love of God, will Nick Johnson please put someone on a poster already?