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Kevin McHale sees 'playmaking potential' in Big Papa; Ariza happy in Houston - Rocket Fuel

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Our roundup of the latest Rockets news from around the web.

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Not a whole lot of Rockets coverage from the last couple games, outside of basic game coverage (and we're the best at that anyway). As such, there's a little more whimsy in Rocket Fuel today. Enjoy:

McHale sees playmaking potential in Papanikolaou | Ultimate Rockets -- From Jenny Dial Creech: "I like what I see of him," [Coach Kevin] McHale said. "He knows how to play, makes plays, drive with the purpose of making the next play. Sometimes the next play is scoring, sometimes the next play is passing. He has good basketball sense which helps a great deal."

Ariza Happily Finds Role Right for Him, Rockets | Bleacher Report -- From last week, Feigen making a cameo at Bleacher Report, of all places. Profiling why this time around is different for Trevor Ariza and the Rockets.

33 Crazy Predictions for the NBA Season | Zach Lowe -- Everything by Zach Lowe is basically a must-read for NBA heads, but there's additional intrigue today. Lowe writers that, if the Rockets get desperate, "Daryl Morey might swallow hard and meet Boston in the middle. Rondo and James Harden make for an awkward fit, but talent tends to work itself out, and the Rockets are confident they can re-sign stars once they get them."

Chandler Parsons posted shirtless picture after Rick Carlisle called him overweight | -- Rick Carlisle called Chandler Parsons overweight. Parsons posted a shirtless picture on Instagram to possibly combat that claim. For the ladies (or fellas, no judgment) who still miss Chandler.

Josh Powell wins half-court shootout | @HoustonRockets -- For whimsy reasons. This will likely be Powell's most significant moment as a Rocket.

Cute dog wanders onto pitch, gets belly rubs and cuddles | -- It's the first day after a three-day weekend for some of us. We need this.