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Dwight Howard's Documentary "In The Moment" Will Air on EPIX in November

The film will focus on his transition from LA to Houston and his first season with the Rockets.

Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard
Scott Halleran

Dwight Howard posted this today on his Instagram:


I'm excited to announce my new documentary EPIX Presents Dwight Howard: In The Moment will premiere November 12th on EPIX and!

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This comes a year after the official word from EPIX about the creation of the documentary, originally slated for release in the spring of this year. From the October 3, 2013 press release:

The In the Moment production team was there during the tumultuous times and decision making that took Dwight from the Lakers to the Houston Rockets after the 2013 season and behind the scenes with Dwight in LA, Houston and as he visited his Atlanta home. Dwight Howard: In the Moment will retrace his youth and give viewers a glimpse into the difficult decisions he has made during his glory days in Orlando, his uneasy exit, his back surgery, tumultuous year in Los Angeles and his new lease on life in Houston.

The press release also states, "The film traces his path to stardom and answers the question, 'Who is the real Dwight Howard?'" Though this camera crew wasn't on him during his last days in Orlando and subsequent move to L.A. (when he was the most-discussed NBA player in the country for a few months), his 2013 free agency was still an intriguing period, and I'm excited to see if this film can provide any insight about Dwight beyond the superficial jokester exterior he projects to the world. I think we'd all be fascinated to see if Dwight will let his guard down for a project like this.

Sick hoodie-in-between-suit-layers game, Dwight. Also, love the basketball textured font. Really drives home the point that he plays basketball.

EPIX's series of "In The Moment" documentaries has previously covered athletes like Lindsey Vonn and Amar'e Stoudemire.