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Rockets in trade rumors for Chase Budinger; James Harden or Stephen Curry? - Rocket Fuel

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Today's Rocket Fuel includes an apparent resolution in the CSN Houston/DirecTV and ATT U-Verse dispute.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

No game again last night (or tonight), and not a lot of meaningful analysis floating around the web today, but we do have some news for Rockets fans that have DirecTV and ATT U-Verse.

DirecTV, AT&T may launch Root Sports for Rockets' first game | Houston Chronicle

Comcast's attorney's say they won't appeal the latest court decision that ruled that DirecTV and AT&T could purchase Houston Regional Sports Network. Rockets "hope Root Sports Houston will be on the air by Oct. 29, the date of the first Rockets game available for local broadcast."

Rockets interested in trade for Budinger | Yahoo! Sports

Mini Woj-bomb reveals the Rockets are in the running to bring Bud back home. He makes $5 million this year with a player option for $5 million next year. That second part is what likely keeps him from H-Town, Woj says.

Predict your favorite NBA team's record this season |

Head here, tell us how you think the Rockets will do this season. The more people who fill out this three-question survey (hint: the answer to question 1 is Houston Rockets), the cooler stuff we can do with the data.

Who'd You Rather Have: James Harden vs Stephen Curry | Hoops Habit

Hoops Habit asks the question. Curry is way more fun to watch, but I'll take James because he creates even when he's cold and he at least has defensive potential. Curry will always be too thin to guard any NBA player that well.

Harden hopes to bring gold medal mindset to Houston |'s Fran Blinebury previews the Rockets season by foretelling of a potential growth in James Harden's leadership abilities. If this is a for-real shift in mindset for James, it might be more important than any defensive improvement. The Rockets need a serious leader.

Isaiah Canaan starts himself in NBA 2K15 | Instagram

Sorry Patrick Beverley, but Isaiah Canaan is your new Rockets starting point guard... in Isaiah Canaan's video game version of the Rockets.

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer's magazine cover is amazing |

The new boss of the Clippers is on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek ... with a basketball. The results are hilarious