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Rockets vs. Heat preseason game thread: 7 days until the Season

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Tonight's game pits the Rockets against what could have been: Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's exactly a week until the real games begin and the Rockets open the season against the Lakers. Until then, we still have things to look for, like:

  • Who plays together? Kevin McHale has said he's going to use this week to test out chemistry of specific player combinations. Here's hoping for a funky Beverley, Daniels, Big Papa, D-Mo and Dwight lineup.
  • Who comes off the bench first? Who gets bench minutes is still very up for debate. Will Ish Smith come in before Isaiah Canaan? Who wins the Jason Terry-Troy Daniels battle? What about all those backup bigs?
  • Who will Big Papa fake out of his shoes tonight? He victimized Anthony Davis and embarrassed James Michael McAdoo in back-to-back games.