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James Harden, Daryl Morey respond to defense criticism - Rocket Fuel

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Harden's defense isn't as bad as it seems, Harden and Morey say. What say you?

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Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

James Harden has a defense for his criticized defense | USA Today Sports

Here's what Daryl Morey said about Harden's meme-worthy defensive lapses:

"For whatever reason, it has taken on a life of its own," Morey says about the criticism about Harden's defense. "You've got people doing a 10-minute YouTube clip that everyone references, and I just ask anyone, 'Take your worst 10 minutes from your job the last year and just take those worst 10 minutes and put them in a YouTube clip.' I'm guessing it wouldn't come out very well for anybody. That, to me, was completely unfair. That bothered me in a big way. Without context, you can grab 10 minutes of anyone and make them look like (expletive). I think reality TV proves that."

The rest of the story is the fabulous Sam Amick discussing Harden's renewed dedication to defense with a look at what can happen if he succeeds. Great read, and not just for the great soundbite quoted above.

Without context, you can grab 10 minutes of anyone and make them look like (expletive). I think reality TV proves that -Daryl Morey

McHale to limit minutes of Rockets’ rotation players on Wednesday | Ultimate Rockets

On the second night of a back-to-back, Kevin McHale will likely rest -- or play sparingly -- Dwight Howard, James Harden and some other starters. When they're in, however "we're going to try to play parts of them like a regular-season game," McHale said.

Heat's Bosh sets high bar for Rockets' Motiejunas, Jones | Houston Chronicle

Another great piece by Feigen on how hard D-Mo and Jones are working to make sure the Rockets don't feel the pain of missing out on Chris Bosh. Bosh is quoted here, saying "It's always business... Nothing is ever personal. I think 100 percent of those dudes would have taken the deal I took."

Houston Rockets motivated by early playoff exit | FOX Sports

Rockets players discuss Lillard's shot and last year's loss. Shockingly, they're not over it yet. Use it for motivation, boys.

NBA Preseason Determining Destinies for Houston Rockets Bench | Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report with a (surprisingly) nice piece about what the preseason means for each of the Rockets' key bench players.

Point Guard Duel: Kyrie Irving vs Derrick Rose | YouTube

Derrick Rose is back, and Kyrie Irving looks sharp. This is going to be fun to watch play out over in the minor league conference.