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Dreamshake Ticket Deals are back for 2014-15 season

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Dreamshake readers are special. So you get special ticket deals.

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There's plenty to look forward to this season. As part of our on-going hustle with the Rockets (and because we love you) anyone planning on going to one of the games has chance to get discounted deals through our website. And our first offering this season is a doozy.  This will be one of the best Ticket Pass offers of the 2014-2015 season and it includes:

Saturday, November 1st vs. Boston Celtics:

Game time is 7:00pm at Toyota Center. Regular Season Opening Night Game at the Toyota Center (Opening Night T-shirts given upon entry)

Thursday, November 6th vs. San Antonio Spurs:

Game time is 7:00pm at Toyota Center.  (All-time Greats Poster given upon entry)

Friday, November 14th vs. Philadelphia 76er's:

Game time is 7:00pm at Toyota Center.  (RPD Calendar given upon entry)

Wednesday, November 19th vs. L.A. Lakers:

Game time is 8:30pm at Toyota Center. Come see the Houston Rockets take on Kobe Bryant, former Rocket Jeremy Lin and the Los Angeles Lakers!

Order your tickets online at and enter promo code: thedreamshake