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TDS Mailbag: The Return of Red Nation Radio

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Yes, it's back. Now what shall we talk about?


With the blight that was Voldemort blasting us all in the ass with his Avada Kedavra over the outstretched arm of that Chach Douche who will remain nameless out of our memories, we can finally turn the page and talk about a new season of Houston Rockets basketball.

This is both good and bad because it means a new season of Jeremy Lin-free basketball as well as the return of Red Nation Radio. And unlike Jeremy, Daryl Morey can't trade away the likes of BD, The Doctor and myself for future draft considerations. At least I don't think so.

Things will remain pretty much the same on the show this year depending on the hectic schedules of BD and The Doctor in real life, but the show is still intended to take place weekly with a rotating panel to fill in any absences. One change is that we'd like to be more interactive this year. To do this, we need to open up the discussion for you curmudgeon old dinosaurs that refuse to turn off your VCR and get a twitter account. Thus, the TDS Mailbag is back.

Reply in the comments below or email to have your topic, question or comments addressed on air.

Also, since I know some of you are very concerned, the technical issues we had with the season finale last year have been corrected. New mic, new software and same crappy attitudes. What's not to love? So you can listen to Bill Simmons predict the Rockets don't even make the playoffs or listen to "The Threetards" give an objective look on your 2014-15 Houston Rockets. So get your questions in now.

Also, subscribe (and review!) to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher by simply searching "Luv Ya Steel Blue." Yes, I realize that's the name of my Texans podcast but RSS feeds can be controlling, abusive bastards, okay?!

Thanks, and we look forward to making fun of you on the podcast.