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CSN Houston staff says goodbye - Rocket Fuel

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Those being laid off at CSN Houston were understandably emotional on their last days at the office.

Here come the waterworks
Here come the waterworks
CSN Houston

Bill Doleman and Calvin Murphy bid farewell | CSN Houston

As horrible as the Rockets' broadcast team is, the studio team is excellent. So is their final sign off. Hopefully these guys come back soon.

CSN Houston Signs Off | Adam Wexler's Blog

It's important to remember in the broadcast rights mess - which we covered in great depth here - that almost 100 folks will be losing their jobs, including Adam Wexler and Howard Chen. Best of luck, guys, we know you'll land on your feet.

Howard: "There are days where I still feel bad" | Ultimate Rockets

It might be time to pump the brakes on the "Howard is fully healthy talk." The Rockets center is farther along in his recovery from back surgery from last year, and feeling better than he has since he moved from Orlando, but 100 percent healthy he is not. Also, there are some former Magicks on the Rockets who got some warm fuzzies from being back in town.

Rockets hosting open practice and autograph session Saturday | Ultimate Rockets

If you're a Rockets fan and in Houston this Saturday, swing by to meet Big Papa before he becomes an international sensation. And if you do, tell us if he knows enough English to do some local commercials.

NBA Preview 2014 | SB Nation

Here's SB Nation's complete 2014-15 NBA preview. It's beautiful, chock full of information and a must-read for fans gearing up for the season.

VIDEO: Who Could Be the Rockets’ Third Star? | Basketball Insiders

Who should the Houston Rockets target as their third star player? The Basketball Insiders team (of whom I'm not a huge fan) discusses. Rumor-mongering!