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Kevin McHale on the hot seat; Daryl Morey is 'beyond nerd stereotypes"

A huge Opening Night Rocket Fuel to get you ready for the season.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So much is happening in anticipation of the Rockets' season opener against the Lakers. Let's get right into it.

Pressure may build early for these eight coaches |'s Fran Blinebury said Kevin McHale is, unsurprisingly, among the coaches who will face pressure to win early. From his story: "The last two Houston coaches who entered their fourth season on the bench -- Jeff Van Gundy and Rick Adelman -- did not return for a fifth. The Rockets are a top-heavy team with a pair of top 10 talents (Dwight Howard and James Harden) carrying the burden of great expectations. McHale was already feeling the heat after last spring's first-round playoff flameout. Offseason maneuvering cost Houston depth, yet management expects McHale to take what's left on a deep playoff run. The heat is on high."

Another delay in CSN Houston bankruptcy case | Houston Chronicle

David Barron does more yeoman's work reporting the CSN Houston case. In shocking news, it's not over yet. Must read if this issue applies to you.

Rockets GM Daryl Morey builds beyond nerd stereotypes | USA Today

The Rockets had a tough offseason, but their statistics-loving leader isn't rethinking his strategy. More from the prolific Sam Amick on the Rockets.

Dwight Howard's cruel summer | NetsDaily

NetsDaily profiles Dwight Howard. I don't know why either, but writer Brian Fleurantin writes thousands of words on the Rockets' big man and how tough he's had it the last two years.

No clutch shots for Clutch this time | Houston Chronicle

Clutch the Bear went 0-25 on his trademark backward half-court shot in the Rockets' final game of the preseason. Other cool things from this story: Robert Boudwin has been Clutch for 20 years, he's in the Mascot Hall of Fame (one of only 10 pro sports mascots there) and was named the NBA Mascot of the Year in 2006 and 2013. Bless you, Clutch.

Rockets 7th in SB Nation power rankins |

Drew Garrison says "the Rockets were low-key losers this summer, shedding salary and losing assets, only to strike out on finding a superstar to form a "big three" with Dwight Howard and James Harden. Still, they have arguably the best center and shooting guard in the NBA, which is enough to keep them in the top 10."

Chandler Parsons hopes to help childhood idol Nowitzki win title | ESPN Dallas

Who knew Dirk was Parsons' childhood idol? I guess that explains why Chach Douche never tried to improve defensively.

10 Rappers Preview the NBA Season | SLAM Online

Bun B thinks the Rockets win the West (H-Town stand up!) but Riff Raff steals the show in this Q&A.

Kobe Bryant on basketball: "I've missed it so much" | ESPN Los Angeles

How many points do we think Kobe scores tonight with Harden guarding him? I'm guessing 23.