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Rockets vs. Jazz game thread: The quest for 2-0

Still on pace for 82-0

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

After spanking the Lakers last night, the Rockets set their sights on another expected cellar-dwellar in the Western Conference, the Utah Jazz.

Armin wrote in our game preview that he expects the Rockets to drop this one. I do not. The Rockets just beat a team by 18 with Dwight Howard playing 21 minutes. He'll be just as fresh, and Enes Kanter should be no match for him.

James Harden looked determine to embarrass his defenders last night and hustled on D himself. There's no one who can come close to checking him on the Jazz.

It's Jazz's season opener, it's at home and Utah always has great crowds. It might be close, but the Rockets should still go 2-0. Discuss below.