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Rockets, Jason Terry working on chemistry - Rocket Fuel

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That, plus crazy Croatian illustrations and James Harden's signature move

Mike Ehrmann

Happy Halloween Rockets fans! Nothing spooky in this link roundup, unless you consider the phrase "Jason Terry working on chemistry with the Rockets" spooky. No one would fault you if you did,

Jason Terry working on chemistry with new team | Ultimate Rockets

Terry says he's "almost there," and said he saw opportunities to get Dwight Howard the ball in the first two games that he missed. Jason Terry will play 15-plus minutes a game this year, so just get used to it now.

Film Room Friday: The Houston Rockets, Andrew Wiggins, and transition threes | Hardwood Paroxysm

Hardwood Paroxysm, one of the Internet's smartest basketball sites, analyzes how the Rockets -- currently averaging about 20 points per game in the fast break -- get transition threes. It's great.

Examining the passing ability of Houston Rockets rookie Kostas Papanikolaou | Red94

Hey, Red94 wrote something! And it's a terrific breakdown of Big Papa's passing ability, which will be absolutely crucial for the Rockets bench this year.

Croatian artist's illustrated tributes to James Harden's beard | Houston Chronicle

Don't read my stupid writing, just click on this already.

An Incomplete Encyclopedia of NBA Superstar Signature Moves | Grantland

Grantland's supremely brilliant netw3rk compiled some NBA signature moves. Included is James Harden's patented "Drive to the Middle and Get Fouled" move.

Dwight Howard, Rockets Present Tall Task For Undersized Celtics Bigs |

Amazingly, Celtics writers are concerned that the 6-8 Jared Sullinger and the scrawny Kelly Olynyk will have a tough time containing the best center in the league. Shocking, I know.