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Time to say goodbye

After two years as editor at The Dream Shake, I will be stepping down as editor today.

I figured a Kevin Martin picture would be fitting
I figured a Kevin Martin picture would be fitting

I'm not really good at goodbyes, but here we go. After roughly two years serving as editor at The Dream Shake, I will be stepping down today, with Ethan Rothstein replacing me. He's an excellent writer and will undoubtedly inject some fresh energy into the site in this coming season and in the future.

It's been a good run at TDS for me. Over the past two years, this job has given me countless opportunities to experience things I never could without it. I've worked with some of the best writers in the business, and have no doubt that SB Nation will continue to grow as an outlet.

As for the thanks, there are too many people to name, but I will try to keep it brief. First I have to mention Tom Martin, who gave me a chance to write at TDS way back in the dark times of the 2011 lockout and helped me become the writer I am today. He later gave me the chance to take over for him as editor, an opportunity for which I am forever grateful. And to Seth Pollack, SB Nation's NBA league manager, who was always there to answer the phone when I needed advice over the last two years.

And to you readers out there, you're the reason this blog exists. Without you, we couldn't have a site, so thanks for continuing to click even during the lulls of August and September.

And finally, to the writing staff, you guys are the doing an often-thankless job and are doing it for nothing more than pure enjoyment. Thank you for your diligence and the countless late nights you've spent writing recaps, chasing news stories, and generally doing the stuff that nobody really says thank you for. You guys are the real MVP's.

I'll be around, writing occasionally once my life gets a little less hectic, so perhaps this isn't goodbye. Regardless, thanks to everyone for the memories. It's been a fun ride.